Item #5493 Brainwashing and Mind Control...Tools of the Cults. Ted Patrick.
Brainwashing and Mind Control...Tools of the Cults

Brainwashing and Mind Control...Tools of the Cults

Redondo Beach: Citizens Freedom Foundation, nd. Offset. Single sheet folded into thirds vertically to form a pamphlet. 3 ¾ x 8 ½ in. Near fine. Item #5493

An early anti-cult pamphlet from “father of deprogramming”’ Ted Patrick’s organization, Citizens Freedom Foundation, which would later become the Cult Awareness Network.

Patrick (b. 1930) got his start as anti-cult activist in the early 1970s when asked to find a young boy who had gone missing. He infiltrated the Children of God and came up with his methods of deprogramming. This mission would grow into a full-time enterprise in a short time, and eventually into a nationwide organization. Patrick was repeatedly accused of running a for-hire kidnapping network in the guise of deprogramming - in 1980, he handcuffed a young leftist teacher in California to her bed and denied her food and in 1990, at the behest of her husband, kidnapped an Amish woman who joined a liberal sect. The Cult Awareness Network was forced to close in 1996 and the rights to the name were purchased by members of the Scientologist Church.

A document of the possible cultishness and violence of anti-cult organizing, and an early artifact from the advent of organized anti-cult activism.