Item #5463 Psychedelic Explosion, Part 2. New York Provo.

Psychedelic Explosion, Part 2

New York: The Open Press, [1967]. 8 1/2 x 11 in. Mimeographed from typescript on recto only. Very good. Item #5463

Broadside relating the events of a smoke-in provocation at the Daily News Building in New York, in which "50 Anarcho-hippies Blow Grand Central’s Mind," followed by notice of two block parties. One of the parties, on East 7th between Avenues C and D, advertises two bands, films, and a "total environment" and the other promises the band "The Group Image" as well as free food and free clothing.

New York Provo, founded by Dana Beal and Jonathan Leake, took inspiration from the Dutch Provo movement, staging Happenings and promoting anarchist theory much like their counterparts in the Netherlands - and serving as an antecedent to the Yippies. Leake would go on to form the Resurgence Youth Movement.