Item #5350 Broadside #36 [Freedom Riders, signed and inscribed by Phil Ochs with Folklore NYC stamp]. Phil Ochs.

Broadside #36 [Freedom Riders, signed and inscribed by Phil Ochs with Folklore NYC stamp]

New York: Broadside, 1963. Offset on cardstock wrapper with mimeographed leaves. 8 1/2 x 11 in. Side stapled. Very good with slight foxing and wear at corners. "Send money to Mississippi, Phil Ochs" written in the hand of Phil Ochs at top of cover; stamped "Folklore Center N.Y.C. 12, N.Y." at bottom right corner of cover. Item #5350

Scarce issue of the folk music magazine, signed by Phil Ochs with an inscription urging the recipient to help fund freedom riders in Mississippi.

Broadside was a small mimeograph publication founded in 1962 by Agnes "Sis" Cunningham and Gordon Friesen. A key publication in the mid-century folk music revival, Broadside was conceived as a resource for folk singers working in the popular, or topical, tradition and activists who wished to learn the politically-inspired songs. The magazine published lyrics, sheet music, political cartoons, and commentary. This issue, #36, features topical folk artist Phil Ochs on the cover, who boasted a nearly 500 page FBI file for his activism.

Stamped "Folklore Center N.Y.C." on the cover, this copy belonged to Izzy Young’s MacDougal Street book and record store. Folklore Center was at the heart of the Village folk music revival and hosted Bob Dylan’s first concert. Ochs’ signature and message to "send money to Mississippi" further suggests that this copy was sent by Ochs to Young.

An early artifact of folk music’s material contributions to the Civil Rights era.


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