Item #5313 Fin de L’Universite

Fin de L’Universite

Paris: Groupe de Enrages, [1966]. Item #5313

22 1/2 x 17 in. Offset. Very good. Adhesive residue at corners and center edges and a repaired closed tear from bottom. Mounted on archival backing.

This treatise-as-poster calling for the end to the university and the abolition of hierarchy originates from the students of Nanterre, whose actions catalyzed the uprising in May 1968. A scarce document of the revolutionary moment, this poster produced by the Groupe de Enrages is from the moment when general unrest became an uprising. Studied by and working in concert with René Viénet and the Situationists in their account of ‘68, the students who would form the Enrages began by protesting police presence on campus and the ensuing crackdown by the university administration. The student’s struggle combined with others, leading to street fighting, widespread unrest and a nationwide wave of strikes, boldly challenging the state’s power over public space. A vital artifact in the history of occupations and uprising, with lessons for the autonomous spaces of today.

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