Item #5304 Capitolium, Washington, USA. Ulf Rahmberg.

Capitolium, Washington, USA

Copenhagen: np, 1968. Item #5304

Offset. 29 x 41 in. Very good with light edgewear.

Ulf Rahmberg was a part of the Swedish countercultural artists’ scene in the 1960s and 1970’s, known for his involvement in the magazine Puss. In this print, Rahmberg depicts the United States Capitol Building as a monster devouring the world, shooting missiles out of its anus, and leaving a trail of bodies behind; a critique of the United States’ imperialist and violent regime during the Vietnam War. This image was published in the first issue of Puss in 1968, and subsequently printed as a poster and sold in local bookshops and artists’ cafes.

Price: $300.00