Item #5299 Contro La Famiglia [Against the Family]

Contro La Famiglia [Against the Family]

Rome: Stampa Alternativa, 1976. Item #5299

Offset, 19 1/2 x 27 1/2 in. Very good with creases from folding into eighths.

Poster for the Italian book "CONTRO LA FAMIGLIA–manuale di autodifesa e lotta per i minorenni" [AGAINST THE FAMILY: Self-Defense manual for minors]. Published by Stampa Alternative [Alternative Press], the publishing house of socialist journalist and editor Marcello Baraghini, who would spend 18 months in prison on charges of inciting abortion. Despite the Italian government’s attempt to censor the book and press, going as far as confiscating copies from bookstores, AGAINST THE FAMILY sold over 60,000 copies.