Item #5222 The Rag, vol. 4, no. 6, November 17, 1969

The Rag, vol. 4, no. 6, November 17, 1969

Offset printed on newsprint. 20pp. 12 x 17 ½ in. Very good condition, edgewear and chipping to spine, folded horizontally. Item #5222

Legendary Austin underground newspaper, part of the Underground Press Syndicate, was founded by a student group in 1966 including Jeff Shero, national vice president of the SDS and a spokesman for the Yippies, who also founded RAT Subterranean News upon relocation to New York. This issue of the Rag covers the “Chuck Wagon Incident”, which was a clash between University of Texas students and police at the student union-run cafe called The Chuck Wagon, popular among leftists on campus. Administrators wanted to enforce stricter rules and regulations on the student-run space, including ousting any non-students, specifically homeless youth, which the students resisted with a protest, resulting in 21 students being wrongfully arrested. The powerful cover of this issue comes from this clash between cops and students.