Item #5202 The New York Review of Sex and Politics, Vol. 1 No. 14. S. Edwards, ed Steven Heller.
The New York Review of Sex and Politics, Vol. 1 No. 14

The New York Review of Sex and Politics, Vol. 1 No. 14

New York City: New York Feed Co, 1969. Offset on newsprint. Fo. (17 ⅛ x 11 ½ in.). Very good condition, yellowing to edges, stain near spine on front wrap. Item #5202

An early issue of NYRS&P with an article about flight attendants by Al Goldstein, "Advice to Hustlers" by Pat Conway, a photo essay set in Westchester and devoted to the derriere, and a story about call girls by Cy J. Avery, then in jail.

The New York Review of Sex and Politics was a spin-off publication from the New York Free Press in the late 1960s. Most of the contributors were involved with the pornographic underground publication Screw Magazine before disputes with publisher Al Goldstein led them to break away and start their own paper. NYRS&P was a response to Screw’s bawdiness and sought to make a high-brow sex paper. During NYRS&P’s run, they featured contributions from artists and writers such as Dan Graham, Charles Bukowski, Brigid Polk, Ed Sanders, Pablo Picasso, John Chamberlain, and Tom Wesselmann among others. Brad Holland contributed much of the cover artwork. After legal battles with the New York State Supreme Court, disagreements with distributors who wanted more sex and less politics, and a lot of money lost, NYRS&P folded. Their final issue was titled New York Review of Sex, Politics, & Aerospace, as a final retaliation to pornography distributors.

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