Item #5193 Factory Records. Collection of Seven VHS Tapes.

Factory Records. Collection of Seven VHS Tapes.

Various: Various. Item #5193

Included: Here are the young men (FACT 37), 1982; four + one (FACTUS 25), 1988; Pumped Full of Drugs (FACTUS/PFD 177), 1984; Shorts (FACT 137), June 1985; A Factory Video (FACT 56), August 1982; N’Sel Fik (FAC 197), November 1987, Feverhouse (FACT 105), 1984.

Factory Records left its mark not only on the music industry, but the art and film worlds as well. Album covers and posters only went so far—and music videos pushed Factory Records even farther. This lot of VHS tapes shows a wide range of the Factory’s visual endeavors from live concert footage featuring Joy Division and New Order, to video compilations with the Durutti Column and Cabaret Voltaire.


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