Item #5185 Joy Division Record Collection

Joy Division Record Collection

Item #5185

Joy Division - An Ideal for Living. 7” record. Enigma Records. (1978); FAC2: A Factory Sample. Various artists, 7” record. Factory Records. (1979); FAC28: Komakino/Incubation, Joy Division, 7” Flexi Disc. (1980); FACT25: Joy Division - Closer. 12” record. Factory Records. (1980); Joy Division - Unknown Pleasures. 12” record, shrink wrapped. Qwest Records reissue of 1980 Factory Records album FACTUS1. (1989); Joy Division - An Ideal for Living. 12” Record. Anonymous Records (1978).

Six rare and remarkable Joy Division records, including their first release. Put out by the band’s own label, the 7” An Ideal for Living showcases the band’s early sound--more punk than post-punk--and features the original cover artwork,
which was replaced in later pressings.


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