Item #5183 [Signed by Peter Hook]. The Haçienda Membership Card. Peter Hook.

[Signed by Peter Hook]. The Haçienda Membership Card.

Manchester: 1982. Item #5183

2 1⁄4 x 3 3⁄4 in. Credit Card stock plastic. Signed in pen by Peter Hook on verso.

When Factory Records opened its club, The Haçienda, in 1982, it was members only, with an application and small annual fee required to join. The first cards, of which this is one, were made out of thick plastic while later ones were paper in order to reduce production costs.The Haçienda lifted the membership requirement for the club in its later years and eventually sold some of the original unused cards to the public.

The card features the club’s FAC 51 logo with the yellow and black hazard stripe motif that defined the club’s visual identity; it was painted in several places in the interior of the club and used for most Haçienda merchandise and ephemera.

This card bears the signature of Joy Division and New Order bass player Peter Hook. Though we are unable to confirm if it is, in fact, Hook's card, or a fan-owned card signed by Hook, it nevertheless is a remarkable piece of the history of the early Factory days.