Item #5180 The Return Of The Durutti Column. FACT 14. Greil Marcus Tony Wilson, Martin Hannett, The Durutti Column.

The Return Of The Durutti Column. FACT 14.

Manchester: January 1980. Item #5180

12 1⁄2 x 12 1⁄2 in. Holograph mail label. First

Designed to destroy all other albums around it, the surfaces on which it was placed, and even the hands of the owner, the sandpaper sleeve designed by Tony Wilson for The Durutti Column’s groundbreaking debut album is stuff of Factory Records legend. Inspired by the Situationist Mémoires by Guy Debord and Asger Jorn, the album was assembled by Factory staffers and members of Joy Division and A Certain Ratio. This copy includes the original mail label, which is addressed from Factory Records owner, Tony Wilson, to writer and critic Greil Marcus. Also included is the Martin Hannett flexidisc, featuring two of the producer’s own tracks. The Hannett flexidisc was only included in the first pressing of the LP.