Poster for A Screening of My Hustler at the Film-Makers’ Cinematheque. Andy Warhol.

Poster for A Screening of My Hustler at the Film-Makers’ Cinematheque

New York: 1966. 14 x 22 in. Offset lithograph in pink and black on cardboard. Item #4895

The striking, and iconic poster for Andy Warhol’s film of homosexual obsession on Fire Island, issued near the end of its run at the Cinematheque - a landmark event in the history of gay film. These screenings were subject to surveillance by plain-clothed policemen during this time, and On April 12, shortly after this poster was released, the owners of the Filmmakers’Cinematheque were served with a summons to defend the showing of the film against charge of indecency. The charges which were dismissed following the defense of the film by the ACLU. By that time, the film had moved to the more mainstream Hudson Theater, and was being shown in cities around the U.S.

This was the first Warhol film to feature Paul Morrissey and was the first to feature camera movement and audible sound. The artist who created this striking and now iconic design is unknown, but the same format was also used for at least two other posters issued during that same era for related events.

Price: $15,000.00

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