Item #4874 “To Young Men Burning their Draft Cards at the Spring Mobilization”. Karl Bissinger.

“To Young Men Burning their Draft Cards at the Spring Mobilization”

Conspiracy Statement, 1967. Offset print on off-white paper. 8 x 9 3/4 inches. Yellowing on edges and mild creasing. Item #4874

During the Vietnam War, young people burned their draft cards in protest of the US genocide against the people of Vietnam and the conscription of young and poor Americans in the service of the genocide. This document, signed by peace activists of the War Resisters League and other leaders at the forefront of human rights movements, including LGBT activist Carol Grosberg and author Paul Goodman, expresses support for burning draft cards and states the signatories' intent to accept any state repression along with the card-burners. In expressing solidarity at the risk of arrest, the authors call on others “too old to have draft cards” to participate as well. A document from the anti-war movement emphasizing its inter-generational character.


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