Item #4823 Ali's Smile. William Burroughs.
William Burroughs

Ali's Smile

Unicorn Books. / Record is VG- Generic sleeve with water damage and “William Burroughs Reading” written on it. Item #4823

This record was issued in a plain white card cover and blank labels (side A white, side B black). 99 copies were originally produced and 20 of those were destroyed when left on a heater which warped the play out of them. The record was meant to accompany a hardback edition of Ali's Smile published by Unicorn Books, packaged together in a cardboard mailing carton. The author has located some 29 copies of the Unicorn edition in libraries, but only two of which have the vinyl recording. True UNOBTAINIUM!

Side A plays at 33rpm and is WSB reading Ali's Smile, a section from his work Exterminator.
Side B plays at 78rpm and is a voice announcing a series of test tones played at different cycles per second.


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