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Scott Walker Fan Collection

Item #4795

Scott Walker (1943-2019), born Noel Scott Engel, was a musician who found commercial success as a singer and member of the Walker Brothers, a sixties group considered to be one of the precursors to the modern boy band. Born in Ohio, he came of age in Los Angeles, where he formed the Walker Brothers in 1964 with John Walker (1943-2011, birth surname Maus). Later that year, Gary Leeds joined as their drummer and convinced them to relocate to the United Kingdom. Scott Walker has lived in the UK ever since, becoming a citizen in 1970.

Finding his fame from the Walker Brothers difficult to accept, Walker veered toward avant-garde compositions, rejecting his public persona as a mainstream pop star. Releasing several solo albums to little commercial success, recent years have found a cult following for Walker’s often challenging and brooding music. Scott Walker has collaborated with contemporary musicians such as Sun O))), Bat for Lashes, and Pulp.

The Scott Walker Collection, housed in one museum box, collects fanzines and newsletters, including Walkerpeople, photographs, Scott Walker fan club materials, and a collection of photocopied articles pertaining to Scott Walker and The Walker Brothers.

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