Item #4781 Oz (UK) Complete Run. Richard Neville, eds Jim Anderson.

Oz (UK) Complete Run

London: Oz Publications, 1967-1973. VG. Item #4781

When founded in Australia as a satirical magazine in 1963, Oz was the only publication of its name. Then, in 1967, Oz launched a parallel UK edition of the paper dedicated to more general interest topics: politics, music, writing, art, and drugs. The UK version of Oz quickly gained a large following, eclipsing its Australian counterpart. Richard Neville, and later Jim Anderson and Felix Dennis, were the editors. Martin Sharp provided the art and design for most of its run, giving the magazine its signature psychedelic look. Oz is also significant because of the zeal the British government brought to its censorship efforts. Oz’s 1970 obscenity prosecution and appeal was, at the time, the longest obscenity trial in British legal history, and the first time that prosecutors combined obscenity and conspiracy to corrupt public morals charges. Ultimately acquitted, the immense public interest generated by the trial caused the paper’s distribution to swell to 80,000.

All issues are in very good condition with occasional minor tears, creases, staining, and wear. All inserts and posters included in the original publication of the magazine are intact.