Item #4780 Other Scenes Collection. ed John Wilcock.

Other Scenes Collection

New York: Other Scenes, 1967-1971. VG+. Item #4780

Other Scenes was an underground publication founded by John Wilcock, known for co-founding The Village Voice and Interview Magazine, as well as editing The East Village Other. Though Other Scenes had a small distribution and only lasted a few years, the paper proved incredibly influential. Focused on “the international underground scene,” Other Scenes covered politics, culture, and art, featuring some of the most prominent artists and writers associated with the underground scene. Though generally considered one single magazine, Other Scenes was comprised of two publications: a subscription-only newsletter and a magazine. Similar in appearance, these publications are considered as one. Described in many issues as “an irrational newsletter printed irrationally all over the world,” the circulation was only about 500 subscribers at launch and continued to be limited throughout its run. Copies of Other Scenes remain rare.

Issues 1-4, 9, 11-13; January 1968 issue; Vol. 1, Nos. 6-7, 9; Special Issue, June 22-30, 1968; Vol. 2, Nos. 2-5; Fourth Year, Nos. 1, 3-5; Vol. 5, No. 1.