Item #4720 Found Photos. Dick Jewell.

Found Photos

London: Self-published, 1981. In wraps. Item #4720

Duodecimo (5 x 6 in). Fine:

In 1968, photographer Dick Jewell had developed a habit of collecting forgotten photo-booth pictures. At the time, getting a portrait taken wasn't very common. Photo booth images were used for many different reasons such as a passport picture or capturing a romantic moment. On one of Jewell's journeys to get a portrait taken, he noticed the amount of discarded images that had been torn and stomped on in its vicinity. Dick Jewell was very curious as to why these prints were left behind, was it because the kissing couple got into an argument mid shot or the happy child got frightened and began to bawl? One will never know, it is up to the imagination to write the photo booth prints narrative.