Item #4711 Walled up Nuns & Nuns Walled In, 1895. W. Lancelot Holland.
Walled up Nuns & Nuns Walled In, 1895

Walled up Nuns & Nuns Walled In, 1895

London: Kensit. Item #4711

In illustrated wraps, sewn-bound. Mylar jacket. 8vo. Housed in black slipcase with gilt on spine as well as gilt cover design. Very good condition, slight wear to edges.

This 19th century book describes and engages with the scholarly debate at the time on whether or not nuns were walled in alive as a form of torture during the Spanish Inqusition. There had been reports of such activities in newspapers and books written on the subject, while the church and authorities denied that the practice ever took place. Holland uses these existing arguments in this book, compiling and reprinting passages to add to his position that nuns were, indeed, walled in or immured. Through investigative journalism and historical research, Holland’s argument of these nuns’ grim fate proves to be an intriguing read; weighing historical accounts, myths, and poetry. Illustrated with 21 prints and photographs of the torture and resulting remains, this book is an overlooked and strange historical document detailing a particularly dark chapter in the history of religion.

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