Item #4671 Want List [price on request]. Tesco Vee.

Want List [price on request]

Item #4671

np: nd [ca. 1984]. 8 1⁄2 x 11 in. Original Xerox.

Pre-internet record collecting was such a different beast that it is hard to imagine
what it was really like unless you have first-hand experience of the intense
detective work rabid fanatics of a specific musical genre would undertake. Tesco
Vee, the frontman of legendary hardcore band The Meatmen, co-publisher of
zine Touch & Go and the counter-guy at the record store Schoolkids, wrote the
defining article on KBD-style punk collecting for Maximum Rock & Roll in 1984,
four years before the first volume of Killed By Death. This is a copy of his want
list from around that time. These records were not only truly difficult to obtain,
but it was truly difficult to even find out that they existed and what they were
called! Before pop culture was a serious subject of academic inquiry, vanguard
gathering of information was the pursuit of delighted amateurs and today these
fanatic, obsessive, enthusiasts remain at the vanguard – preserving the historical
record at the moment of creation.

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