Item #4663 The Daily Tribute. Gee Vaucher.

The Daily Tribute

Item #4663

np: nd [ca. 1980]. Fo. Offset lithograph. 8 pp.

Eight sheets, each of the same image. Bound by wood and chain, each day
of the week--and one more--contains the death and destruction, as well as the
rebirth pictured here.

After growing up in a working class family in the East End of London, Vaucher
went to art school where she met Penny Rimbaud, with whom she would
develop the groundbreaking punk band Crass. They maintained a communal
life at the Dial House in Essex, attracting an extensive cast of characters that
contributed to the collective’s avant-garde artistic practice. Influenced by the
Situationists and participating in the Fluxus movement, her artwork incorporates
a collage aesthetic with dynamic détournement.

Vaucher, working as a graphic designer in New York City at this time, was
producing collages immediately recognizable for their striking use of space and
unerring impact.

A unique artist’s book by an essential anarchist, feminist, pacifist, punk, artist.