Item #4662 New Order Were Joy Divsion [sic]. Mark Reeder, New Order.

New Order Were Joy Divsion [sic]

Item #4662

23 1⁄2 x 33 in. offset lithograph poster in two colors.

One of the most iconic, and rarest of New Order posters, for their May 27, 1981
show at the legendary underground Berlin punk club SO 36. New Order, at this
early moment in their career, were overshadowed by the legacy of Joy Division,
and the unknown designer of the poster elegantly solved the issue at hand with
the sentence “New Order Were Joy Division,” an elegiac verbiage matched to
a photograph of a statue in repose. The image was an obvious nod to the work
Peter Saville had done with the Bernard Pierre Wolff photographs of cemetery
statuary which had graced the cover of Love Will Tear Us Apart and Closer -
Joy Division’s final studio album. Rumor has long suggested that the poster may have
been designed by Mark Reeder, who had organized the gig. The misspelling is
also rumored to be an accident by the typesetter. The story became mythology over the last few decades and now, was confirmed by Mark Reeder himself shortly after we cataloged this poster.


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