Item #4658 Starfucker. Terry Southern Rolling Stones.


Item #4658

8 1⁄2 x 11 in. Original Xerox. 2 sheets [3 pp].

This came to us via the estate of the late Art Collins, legendary music executive
and the boss of the short-lived Rolling Stones Records label under the Atlantic
Records umbrella. This was generated as a parody of sheet music by Terry
Southern circa 1978, around the same time as he was hired by the Rolling
Stones to generate copy for an issue of the music biz magazine Record
World honoring the Rolling Stones. Southern’s highly offensive, slanderous
and hilarious text for Record World was rejected, and this vintage photocopy
featuring Warhol photographing Keith Richards’ feet is all that survives. We have
no evidence whatsoever to support this claim.

Price: $250.00