Item #4656 Los Musulmanes Invitan a la Comunidad al Dia De La Familia. Nation of Islam.

Los Musulmanes Invitan a la Comunidad al Dia De La Familia

Item #4656

New York: Nation of Islam, 1974. 8 1⁄2 x 11 in. offset lithograph broadside. Text
in Spanish. Horizontal and vertical creases from folding into quarters. 1⁄4 “ tear in
center from folding.

In the year before the death of Elijah Muhammad, the Nation of Islam hosted
a Family Day event in New York City. This Spanish-language flyer invites
the community to Randall’s Island, listing numerous black cultural icons who
performed at the event The Nation of Islam celebrates with latin music, R&B,
reggae, and jazz. Performers include Kool and the Gang, Ronald Bell, and the
K-Gees, Gil Scott Heron, Jimmy Cliff, Archie Shepp, and others.

Though Malcolm X had publicly broken from the group and some of its core
teachings a decade earlier, this flyer demonstrates the remaining powerful
revolutionary force in African-American communities, supported by artists and
musicians, including a new crop of black artists like Kool and the Gang.
A stunning example of community and artistic support for black revolutionary
struggle. A celebration of family and life for the marginalized by the Nation of
Islam before fracturing of the organization and the introduction of UFOlogy and


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