Swastika Sticker. Arturo Vega.

Swastika Sticker

Item #4655

4 x 4 in. square sticker, three sections in composite (each color a different layer).
Signed at verso by Vega.

Though not a household name, everyone in America is familiar with the designs
of Vega, who designed the logo for the Ramones and was considered the fifth
member, in charge of their art and light shows. The swastika stickers were
probably related to the large scale fluorescent swastikas which Vega painted in
the 1970’s.

According to Vega, the swastikas were not made to condone the Nazi symbol,
but rather to provoke. “The more I got into my swastika paintings, the more I
really thought about them, the more I liked them and realized how powerful they
were. And the more I thought about them as art. the fluorescent Day-Glo colors
don’t seem very natural, even though the colors do exist in nature - there are
some fishes and some birds that are kind of fluorescent, but to me the colors
represented this man-made madness. I mean, if you look at fluorescent colors
all the time you go blind, they actually kill your vision, so already it’s this radical
thing. Then when you mix Nazism with fluorescent colors, it’s even more manmade madness.... I always thought that the ONLY way to really conquer evil is to make love to it.” - Arturo Vega, quoted in McNeil and McCain, Please Kill Me: The Uncensored Oral History of Punk.

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