War Is Over! [with] Listen to This Balloon. Yoko Ono John Lennon.
War Is Over! [with] Listen to This Balloon

War Is Over! [with] Listen to This Balloon

Item #4649

1970. 6 x 8 in. offset lithograph. Light staining to bottom left corner of recto
measuring 1” at farthest reaches. Text of postcard untouched.

London: Apple Records, [1971]. Rubber balloon, deflated.

Two artifacts from the peace-loving, Christmas-celebrating pop music/high art
couple. Ono and Lennon put forward the power of positive thought with the
postcard, pasting the slogan across the world by means of billboards, posters,
flyers, and postcards. The creation of the balloon perhaps serves as a statement
on the Beatles’ music prowess -- conflating balloon sounds with the melodious
tunes of the pop superstars.


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