Item #4637 Hand-Painted Poster From an Early Performance. The Velvet Underground.

Hand-Painted Poster From an Early Performance

Item #4637

Unknown Artist. (Work: 22 x 27 ½ in. Frame: 25 x 31 in.) Hand-painted sign.
Acrylic on cardboard. Tears along edges, bottom right portion partially missing.

This sign was used at a Velvet Underground performance at Cleveland’s
legendary basement rock n’ roll club La Cave on October 4th 1968. The
performance was recorded and released as a live record titled The Velvet
Underground – La Cave 1968 (Problems In Urban Living). This show was
notable for being the frst performance The Velvets did with Doug Yule on guitar
after John Cale had left the band. The sign comes from the estate of Sterling


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