Sacrilegio. Parabellum.


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1987, Colombia. Discos Fuentes / Especial-001

Oh Parabellum, how I love thee, let me count the ways… one – two – three – 668!*
The Void of black-proto-death-power-speed-metal, or maybe, uh, the Chronic Sick,
these Columbian geniuses released two 12” EPs in the mid-80s that a lot of sort
of post-punk post-hardcore post-industrial noise-clowns like myself got obsessed
with. For a few years in the mid-1980s, it wasn’t uncommon that people stoked
on underground music would jump genres wildly, no contradiction between being
into say Rock in Opposition and Skullfower and Slayer and Galaxie 500 and
Hanatarash at the same time. Parabellum still sound absolutely extraordinary.
Completely original, and masters of a certain kind of murky subterranean
harshness that you have to look pretty far to find: Flipper’s Gone Fishin, the first
Drunks With Guns LP, the Mayhem Deathcrush 12”, and not much else. The
music manages to simultaneously be completely chaotic and unpredictable and as
meticulous as say Magma, who oddly enough they also remind me of. The geezer
says: “I don’t always listen to harsh noise, but when I do I prefer Parabellum. Stay
metal my friend.”

* The neighbor of the beast, natch.


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