Jazz by Sun Ra, Vol. 1. Sun Ra.

Jazz by Sun Ra, Vol. 1

Item #4629

1957, USA. Transition / TRLP 10

Sun Ra’s first full-length LP on Transition is a legendary rarity. Spotty distribution,
a fragile sleeve, and a gloriously beautiful insert booklet where Sun Ra talks
about his own future, which came to pass. I could have included any number
of Sun Ra records on this list, as they are pretty much all magical talismans,
whether they are privately released on his own Saturn label, or released by
mainstream jazz imprints, or by obscure European labels, I have to date never
come across a Sun Ra record less than amazing, as I never saw him put on a
live performance that was any less than wonderful, and I must have seen him
perform 40 or 50 times. His picture hangs over my stereo, and a week does not
go by without listening to his music. It is extraordinary to flip through the little
booklet that comes with the first edition of Jazz by Sun Ra. It is all there: his
politics, his humanism, his open-minded and open-ended musicality, the mystery
of Mr. Ra, in 1957.


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