Item #4624 Johnny & the Dicks. Johnny, the Dicks.

Johnny & the Dicks

Item #4624

1978, USA. (Self-released)

John Morton is and remains an American master in this house. For the past,
oh, 30 years or so, Agitated by his mid-70s proto-punk band the Electric Eels
has been the first record I’ve played after setting up my turntable and stereo in
a new home. For the uninitiated, the pure godlike goodness of the first Electric
Eels 45 (midwifed by Jon Savage and Jim Jones who convinced Rough Trade
to release it in 1980) is one of those few and rare examples where a rock 45 can
be compared to a triumphant natural setting, a perfect spaghetti, or a kiss from
a loved one. Following the demise of the Electric Eels, John Morton brought his
work to a yet higher pinnacle of clarity and formed Johnny and the Dicks. No
instruments, no rehearsals, no songs, no lyrics, no vinyl no nothing. Just a record
cover. That’s it. And boy is that a good record (cover).


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