Fela Fela Fela. Fela Ransome Kuti And His Africa 70.

Fela Fela Fela

Item #4623

1970, Nigeria. His Master’s Voice / HNLX 5033

The dumbest thing I’ve done to date as a record collector, was when I sold all
my Fela Kuti LPs when I moved to New York in 1989. I just figured that I could
buy them again cheap in New York. Fela played Sweden a lot, and it was always
amazing: he’d be booked at the government-sponsored multi-cultural jazz and
blues festivals and always completely kill it: for the duration of the set, all shapes,
and colors and microtribes of people would come together and jam out. Nigerian
pressed Fela Kuti vinyl would be available for cheap at the merch stand, and
alternative Swedish music distribution outlets would regularly stock African
music, so my Fela Kuti collection was pretty awesome, and the records were
way cheap (in Sweden back then). It took me years, and years (and years) to get
my collection back together. In the 90s and 00s, before internet record collecting
had completely taken over, there were quite a few great dealers of African
records in New York, and the records were still sort of cheap. The endless
complexity of the Fela Kuti discography never ceased to amaze, and each
record was a new revelation. This pre-afro beat Fela album is a perfect example
of that insanely hard-swinging funky highlife sound that once heard will never
completely leave your nervous system. Like most Fela Kuti albums, it is wrapped
in a sleeve that is a masterpiece of understated graphic design.