Item #4622 Sky High. Jimi Hendrix.

Sky High

Item #4622

1972, USA. Skydog / SGSH 2017378

Clearly I have a thing for silkscreened record covers. This circa 1972 bootleg
consists of a 1968 New York recording of a furiously intoxicated Jim Morrison
howling obscenities with Jimi Hendrix and Johnny Winter (who denies being
on this recording) noodling in the background. The sound quality is a bit crap,
the performances are pretty sucko, and the entire vibe of the thing is kind of
smegmoid, whether you are a fan of Jim and Jimi or not. However: the entire
artifact vibe of this record is nothing short of splendid! This was the very first
release by the legendary proto-punk label Skydog Records, published at a point
in time when the relative legality of bootleg records was not yet carved in stone.
Also, as a lifelong fan of vanity pressings, I must say that this LP would be
something I’d be pretty stoked about if it has been made by obscure no-names.
Sort of like if you listen to the Doors with the history and the legend surgically
removed; what then remains is a sketchy lounge band with rinkadink keyboards
and howling lounge-lizard vox, belting out sub-par hippie lyrics, and something
that would be the favorite band of private press outsider music fanatics.


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