Item #4619 Totale's Turns (It's Now or Never). The Fall.

Totale's Turns (It's Now or Never)

Item #4619

1980, Italy. Go International / GILP 10

Older record collectors (ulp!) gain a perspective similar to how people fret
about their buying or non-buying of Amazon stock, of IBM stock, of Bitcoin.
Shoulda coulda woulda of record purchases. Everyone has stories: Misfits 45’s
in Manhattan dollar bins as recently as 1990, Ya Ho Wa records for a quarter a
piece at the Tower Records on Sunset in the 1980s, Sun Ra records in every
college town indie record shop, and (naturally) my own version which is how
every goddamn legendary punk, post-punk, Swedish psych and krautrock LP
was available for tops four bucks in used record shops in Sweden growing up.
I remember seeing Totale’s Turns in every used record store that I frequented
back in the early 1980s. And never buying it. Not cuz I didn’t dig the Fall, cuz I
did, but I just didn’t like it as much as Live at the Witch Trials or the Slates 10”.
After Mark E. Smith died, like many-a-geezer, I found myself wanting to purchase
a totem-object to celebrate my fandom. I found this copy of the record online.
Cheap-ish. When the LP arrived in the mail I was stunned to see the lengthy
inscription in Mark E. Smith’s handwriting on the front cover. I was very pleased.


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