Poetry Reading at Architectural Association: Bedford Square London (6/15/1965). Allen Ginsberg.

Poetry Reading at Architectural Association: Bedford Square London (6/15/1965)

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Allen Ginsberg, Gregory Corso, Lawrence Ferlinghetti and Andrei Voznesensky
Poetry Reading at Architectural Association: Bedford Square London (6/15/1965)

On Tuesday the 15th June 1965 key members of the beat generation descended
on the library of the Architectural Association in Bedford Square London for a
poetry reading, fresh from the International Poetry Incarnation held four days
earlier at the Royal Albert Hall. These readings were recorded and can be heard
here on this extremely rare LP. The Royal Albert Hall performance is generally
considered the single most important poetry event in post WW2 Europe, and
also generally acknowledged as the beginning of the British hippie movement,
midwifed by American beats. That is nowadays. Back then Allen Ginsberg who
was one of the main organizers said that it included “…too many goofs who
didn’t trust their own poetry, too many superfcial bards who read tinkle jazzy
beatnick style poems, too many men of letters who read weak pompous or silly
poems written in archaic meters, written years ago.” On top of this, the brilliant
Russian poet Andre Voznesensky had been silenced, prevented from performing
by his Russian government-sanctioned minder who warned him that if he read
his poetry he’d never be allowed to leave Russia again. In contrast to this, the
reading at the Architectural Association was clearly a laid back community event.
All the poets are on the top of their game. The LP was recorded by John (Hoppy)
Hopkins and Barry Miles, two of the main organisers of the International Poetry
Incarnation, who formed the label Lovebooks, in order to publish the recording.


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