This Is It. Alan Watts.

This Is It

Item #4612

1962, USA. MEA / LP 1007

British ex-pat Alan Watts is well-known as an authority on zen, and as one of
the people that did serious research into psychedelics many years before Leary
and the Beatles co-branded themselves with inner space journeys. This LP,
which has little to do with Watts book of the same name, seems likely to be the
frst ever recording done under the infuence of psychedelics. It is not trippy,
nor really “psychedelic” in the generic musical sense of the term. The record is
tribal, murky, noisy, sometimes pastoral, and more reminiscent of say AMM or
Kangaroo Kourt or Cro Magnon. It does not sound like something recorded and
released in 1962. The original release is truly rare, and was always a calling card
for hip psychedelic collector insiders like the late and legendary Patrick Lundborg
of Acid Archives fame.


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