Way Out: A Poem in Dischord. Gregory Corso.
Way Out: A Poem in Dischord

Way Out: A Poem in Dischord

Kathmandu: Bardo Matrix, 1974. Stitchbound in wraps. 11 pp. 8vo. (8 ½ x 10 ½ in.). Very good condition. Hand numbered copy 390/500. Item #4556

This is the firt publication in Bardo Matrix’s Starstreams Poetry Series. Though originally written by Corso in the 1950’s, Ira Cohen believed it to be the perfect work to commence Bardo Matrix’s poetry publications. Way Out, though in free verse, was actually a play for different speakers, originally performed on October 11, 1974 in Kathmandu by Ira Cohen, Angus Maclise, Lois Kullen, and Peri Winkle. Written in three cantos, it includes characters with names like Discipline, Truth, Law, Ratface, Ballpoint Sam, and Rhinoceros. This publication was printed on handmade paper from the shrub Daphne bholua, a traditional Nepalese material.


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