Boo-Hooray Catalog #1

Boo-Hooray Catalog #1


Terms: Usual. Not onerous. 

Boo-Hooray welcomes you to our first ever antiquarian book catalog, Catalog #1. For over a decade, we have been committed to the organization, stabilization and preservation of cultural narratives through archival placement. Today, we continue and expand our mission through the sale of individual items and smaller collections, in addition to archives.

We invite you to our new space in Manhattan’s Chinatown, where we encourage visitors to browse our extensive inventory of rare books, ephemera, archives and collections by appointment or chance. 

Catalog prepared by Daylon Orr, lieutenant of the Rare Books & Manuscripts Column of Boo-Hooray, and itinerant consultant-at-large Adam Davis. Text by Adam, Daylon, and Johan. All errors are Daylon’s. Layout and design by Jason Fox. Please direct all inquiries to Daylon; Johan and Adam are probably at Di Palo’s.

Price list follows final page of PDF.