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Compiled by Johan Kugelberg in 2008, “The Black Metal Music Collection 1985-2008” contains original source material on the subgenre of Black Metal music, focusing on Scandinavian participants, some of whom in the 1990s turned to the worship of Odin, burning down wooden churches, and in general attempting to offend the greater society.

Included in the archive are fanzines and magazines such as Black Flame, Grimoire of Exalted Deeds, and Slayer. The video and audio archive holds LPs, VHS cassettes, bootleg audio cassettes, and DVDs. There are manuscripts by and about black metal performers, and printed ephemera including flyers, posters, and press releases. Also found in the archive are over 100 4 x 6 photos of Black Metal Pioneers, T-shirts, and the production materials for the book by Peter Beste (photographer) and Johan Kugelberg (editor), True Norwegian Black Metal.

“The Black Metal Music Collection 1985-2008” is housed at the Cornell University Library.