After tonight’s opening, the Boo-Hooray exhibit, DIY OR DIE! Handmade Zines, Record Covers and Posters from Punk to Reggae can be viewed at New York City’s Milk Gallery through August 10.

On display will be examples of DIY-record cover art from the 1970s and 1980s – sleeves silkscreenedstenciled, rubber-stamped, and collaged by independent artists around the globe, with special emphasis given to both the Punk scene in the US, the UK, and Australia as well as the world of Jamaican Dub, Ska, and Rocksteady.

Also included in the exhibit are original paste-ups of punk fanzines, a selection of hand-printed Australian, British, and American punk rock posters spanning the years 1976 to 1983, and original stencils from the Crass archive.

Visitors to Boo-Hooray’s earlier exhibitions (also curated by Johan Kugelberg), Enjoy the Experience!, In All Our Decadence People Die, and (jointly curated with Jon Savage), Someday All the Adults Will Die! at London’s Hayward Gallery should find DIY OR DIE! particularly enjoyable (though there’s something for everyone here).

Kugelberg, speaking of this exhibition, notes that “these records use the 12-inch or 7-inch record format as a slate for DIY creativity in its purest form: choices based on necessity, not on aesthetics. These fine folks could usually not afford to print offset.”

When in New York, come to Milk Gallery and see for yourself!