(A Boo-Hooray compilation of archival footage)

Dig it! Boo-Hooray is pleased to bring you this crazy glimpse of the New York underground at play as some of its more notable figures — Angus Maclise, Charles Ludlam, Vali Myers, Petra Vogt and many others — hang out in Ira Cohen’s loft on Jefferson Street, partying, giving impromptu performances, and generally carrying on and celebrating.

You’ll find everything in these twenty-five minutes of rare footage featuring some of our favorite people. Hepcat lingo! Ira Cohen in exotic costume, breaking moves to Janis Joplin songs!  Loft kitchens of the golden age! Carole King records! The effect of amphetamines upon party conversation! Dance stylings by Isadora Duncan out of Sandoz! Bongo drums! The spectacular percussion of Angus Maclise! The nouvelle vague video effects of Dennis Hopper! The unmistakeable voice of Herbert Huncke! The fabulous beard of Lionel Ziprin!

Note: Drugs and alcohol may have been involved.