Boo-Hooray’s exhibition of Bardo Matrix publications continues until May 24 at the Grolier Club in New York City.

The Bardo Matrix Press was founded in Kathmandu in the early 1970s by original Velvet Underground drummer, artist, and poet Angus MacLise and poet, photographer, and publisher Ira Cohen, who issued pamphlets, booklets, posters, books, and broadsides bythemselves and by some of the most important names of post-war literature including Paul Bowles, Gregory Corso, Diane Di Prima, and Charles Henri Ford.

These works, printed in editions ranging from a couple dozen to a few hundred, utilized fine printing techniques such as wood blocks, letterpress, special inks, and handmade paper to create cheap and beautiful publications to be appreciated by readers, the writers who wrote them, and the artists who made them.

Following MacLise’s death in 1979, Cohen returned to New York City, where he lived until his death in 2011. While the exhibition continues at the Grolier Club, 47 E, 60th St. we’ll be taking a closer look at these artists, and life in Nepal during the 1970s, before the tourists arrived in force.