Here in Blastitude no. 13, Tosh Berman (whose website, The Wonderful World of TamTam Books, is well worth bookmarking) writes a fascinating brief memoir of his father, Wallace Berman and growing up in the midst of a burgeoning art scene; and tells of a childhood in which what his father did, and who his father knew, proved unendingly fascinating:

“I think the first time I realized that my Dad was an artist is when I went by his work place on the left side of the living room in Beverly Glenn.  The house was perfectly organized.   The floor plan was a kitchen (the entrance), the living room, my bedroom and then a small bathroom.  The right side of the living room was the bed. The bed was used for bringing me on to this planet as well as a mixture of couch, and perfect reading space for devouring comic books.  The left side of the living room was the studio that consisted of the work desk and stool.   This is where my Father made his art.  There were tools like hammers but what I mostly remember is the ‘Yes’ glue.  This is the paste that my father used for his verfax collages.   It stays in my mind because of the label.  It looked like one of my beloved comic book illustrations that I consumed with great intensity at that time.”