This coming Sunday, December 8, Semina 1955-1964 Art Is Love Is God opens at Boo-Hooray, and will run until Thursday, January 9.

This week on the Boo-Hooray blog we’ll be looking at Berman’s milieu, his work, his art. Here is his film Aleph, 1966. In a lengthy appreciation written in conjunction with a 2005 showing at the Jewish Museum of New York, the museum noted: “Aleph is an artist’s meditation on life, death, mysticism, politics, and pop culture. In an eight-minute loop of film, Wallace Berman uses Hebrew letters to frame a hypnotic, rapid-fire montage that captures the go-go energy of the 1960s…according to the artist’s son, Tosh Berman, Wallace Berman treated Aleph ‘…as a creative notebook, and like a true diary, it has no beginning and no end.’”