THE SINKING BEAR & RAY JOHNSON’S A BOOK ABOUT DEATH  MOMA PS1, NYC  At the 2013 New York Art Book Fair at MoMA/PS1 there was a dual exhibit in the Ray Johnson Room, devoted to The Sinking Bear and Ray Johnson’s A Book About Death, displayed alongside related ephemera and zines.
 LARRY CLARK STUFF  UNITED ARROWS, TOKYO TSUTAYA, DAIKANYAMA, TOKYO  Larry Clark’s personal collection of skateboard decks, skater t-shirts and related posters, stickers, polaroids and stuff was on exhibit in Tokyo, at United Arrows and at a special pop-up booth in Tsutaya for September 2013.
 PAUL WILLIAMS: A SCIENCE-FICTION AND ROCK & ROLL TRUFAN  BOO-HOORAY, NYC  This one-day exhibition/celebration honoring our favorite American cultural catalyst-person showed a comprehensive gathering of Paul’s books and publications.
 THE AFRIKA BAMBAATAA MASTER OF RECORDS OPEN ARCHIVE  GAVIN BROWN’S ENTERPRISE, NYC  Through Summer 2013, Boo-Hooray organized, catalogued, and documented Afrika Bambaataa’s peerless vinyl record collection at Gavin Brown’s enterprise.
 ENJOY THE EXPERIENCE  MILK GALLERY, NYC  Boo-Hooray, Milk Gallery, and Sinecure Books presented an exhibit of vinyl drawn from Enjoy The Experience, the book that Larry Clark calls “The Greatest Coffee Table Book Ever Made.”
 THE BROTHER IN ELYSIUM  BOO-HOORAY, NYC  Jon Beacham is one of the hardy few that are reinvigorating fine printing in 21st century America. The Brother in Elysium regularly publishes meticulous and beautiful publications that seamlessly join poetics with the aesthetic of early American architecture and landscape.
 ENJOY THE EXPERIENCE  COLETTE, PARIS  John Waters called Enjoy The Experience, “A jaw-dropping look at the All Time Hit Parade of Rejection.
 ENJOY THE EXPERIENCE  ROUGH TRADE EAST, LONDON  The records showcased in the Enjoy The Experience book and exhibit are funkier, more psychedelic, more idiosyncratic and more emotionally rewarding than the mainstream music products of the same era.
 HOORAY FOR GAY:  PRE-STONEWALL IMAGES FROM THE HARRY H. WEINTRAUB COLLECTION BOO-HOORAY, NYC  The Harry Weintraub Archive is a unique, world-class resource that deepens both our knowledge and our understanding of 20th century gay male culture. Spanning half a century but focusing on the 1940s through the 1970s, this collection reveals a world that was still almost entirely subterranean: illegal, persecuted, despised.
 WAIT FOR ME AT THE BOTTOM OF THE POOL JACK SMITH BOO-HOORAY, NYC  Jack Smith was a master of the exotic idiom, working in theatre, underground film, photography, graphic design, drawing, and slideshows. He was one of the path-finding pioneers of American post-war underground aesthetics.
 LARRY CLARK STUFF MILK GALLERY, NYC  Curated by Johan Kugelberg, the show featured Larry’s collection of skateboard decks and t-shirts spanning the late 1980′s up until today showcasing the guerrilla graphic design of companies like Fuct and Supreme, alongside outfits and boards used in Larry’s movies Wassup Rockers and Marfa Girl.
 LARRY CLARK STUFF GEFFEN CONTEMPORARY MOCA, LA  Boo-Hooray presented the exhibition Larry Clark Stuff at MOCA during the LA Art Book Fair. Curated by Johan Kugelberg and Larry Clark, the show consisted of Larry Clark’s collection of skateboard decks and t-shirts from the early 1990′s era of the skateboarding sub-culture, showcasing the guerrilla graphic design of companies like Fuct and Supreme, alongside outfits and boards used in Larry’s movie Wassup Rockers.
 BARBARA RUBIN BOO-HOORAY, NYC ANTHOLOGY FILM ARCHIVES, NYC  Christmas On Earth is a film of sexual tableaux vivants, gay and straight, where two separate reels of film are superimposed on each other, with additional light effects layered on these images, all accompanied by a contemporary rock radio soundtrack.
 A SLOW WALK JASON POLAN BOO-HOORAY/6 DECADES, NYC  To create A Slow Walk, Jason Polan spent ten days walking the length of Canal Street from the Hudson River to the East River, and drew things that caught his eye along the way. Each day that Polan spent walking Canal Street is represented by a single letterpress page in the portfolio.
 “SOMEDAY ALL THE ADULTS WILL DIE!”: PUNK GRAPHICS 1971‑1984 HAYWARD GALLERY, LONDON  On view were several hundred pieces of previously unseen material from private archives and collections: homemade cassettes, fanzines, posters, handbills, records and clothing. Highlights included work by Gee Vaucher, Jamie Reid, Gary Panter, Raymond Pettibon, John Holmstrom and Penny Rimbaud, alongside numerous anonymous artists.
 JACQUELINE DE JONG: THE SITUATIONIST TIMES 1962‑1967 BOO-HOORAY, NYC  “Jacqueline de Jong: The Situationist Times 1962-1967” was an exhibition of original art, publications, photography, ephemera and manuscripts related to de Jong’s vanguard publication The Situationist Times, celebrating the 50th anniversary of its first issue.
 ED SANDERS: FUCK YOU / A MAGAZINE OF THE ARTS 1962‑1965 BOO-HOORAY, NYC  The run of Fuck You Press publications that blazed through New York City’s underground scene between 1962 and 1965 still resonates with an almost supernatural vibrancy, urgency and what the Greeks coined as enthusiasmos.
 ARTISTS’ BOOK NOT ARTISTS’ BOOK BOO-HOORAY/6 DECADES, NYC  This exhibition featured art as artists’ book by artists like Chris Burden, Ira Cohen, Richard Meltzer, John Baldessari, Michelangelo Pistoletto, Richard Hell, Tina Lhotsky, Tom Sachs, Richard Prince, William Gibson, David Wojnarowicz, Jim Shaw, and Ed Ruscha.
 ENDLESS BOOGIE AND SPENCER SWEENEY BOO-HOORAY, NYC  Spencer Sweeney! Endless Boogie! Pizza! Beer! One Night Only!
 ED WOOD’S SLEAZE PAPERBACKS BOO-HOORAY, NYC  The antiquarian mystique surrounding Edward Davis Wood Jr.’s career as an author of pornographic pulp fiction is legend. He wrote under a variety of pseudonyms, books were published and re-published under different titles, and occasionally under different author names.
 IN ALL OUR DECADENCE PEOPLE DIE: CRASS-ERA FANZINES 1976‑1984 BOO-HOORAY, NYC  “In All Our Decadence People Die” is an exhibition of fanzines and ephemera collected at Dial House, home to the English anarchist punk band Crass, active from 1976-1984.
 DREAMWEAPON: THE ART AND LIFE OF ANGUS MACLISE (1938 – 1979) BOO-HOORAY, NYC ANTHOLOGY FILM ARCHIVES, NYC  Best known as the original drummer of the Velvet Underground, MacLise’s lifework included music, calligraphy, performance art, poetry, drawings, plays, and limited edition artist’s books.
 YOU’RE AN ASSHOLE FOR BUYING THIS: THE SUCKADELIC ART TOY UNIVERSE BOO-HOORAY, NYC  In 2011, Boo-Hooray reluctantly announced the first Suckadelic retrospective gallery exhibition, “You’re An Asshole For Buying This.” One of the most respected, despised and influential figures in the art toy movement for the past decade, the Sucklord has been producing handmade bootleg action figures in very limited runs, each selling out immediately.
 LINDER STERLING & JON SAVAGE: THE SECRET PUBLIC PUNK MONTAGES, PHOTOGRAPHY AND COLLAGES 1976‑1981 BOO-HOORAY, NYC  The Secret Public, an art fanzine, is one of the primary aesthetic lynchpins in the Manchester punk style. Jon Savage and Linder Sterling published The Secret Public in Manchester during the first month of 1978. It was the second New Hormones product, after the Buzzcocks’ already iconic “Spiral Scratch,” and was distributed through Rough Trade and other independent outlets.
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