THE LIVING THEATRE ARCHIVE IN A BOX LAUNCH  PRINTED MATTER  October 28, 2016  6-8PM  Boo-Hooray co-hosts an event with Printed Matter to launch their newly published The Living Theatre Archive In A Box. 
 FLYING SAUCERS ARE REAL!  MILK GALLERY, NYC   The Jack Womack Flying Saucer Library is an astounding collection of popular and fringe thought dedicated to the flying saucer phenomenon that gripped the United States during the second half of the twentieth century. 
 PUNK AND HARDCORE FLIERS, ZINES AND EPHEMERA  PRINTED MATTER, NY  Materials that span from the early 1970’s covering the glam rock and punk scenes of New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, as well as the garage rock and power pop revivals, American hardcore, English peace-punk, and industrial music scenes to form an overview of underground music culture of the last forty years.
 THE LINE BETWEEN: BEN MOREA PAINTINGS OF THE EARLY 90'S  33 ORCHARD STREET, NEW YORK, NY  Boo Hooray and Envoy Enterprises are proud to present The Line Between, an exhibition of seldom seen paintings from the 1990's by painter, publisher and direct action political figure Ben Morea. 
 SOUL-LIT SHADOWS  MILK GALLERY, NYC  “Soul-Lit Shadows” is a landmark exhibition featuring the most iconic photographs of the period alongside never before seen images of our nation’s leaders and forgotten everymen who fought for the future of the United States.
 THE LIVING COLLAGE  GAVIN BROWN'S ENTERPRISE, NYC  Boo-Hooray and Gavin Brown’s enterprise are pleased to present an exhibition of posters, photographs and ephemera from the Living Theatre archive, staged as a living collage by Spencer Sweeney, Lizzi Bougatsos, and Johan Kugelberg.
 LITTLE ANNIE: NYC & MIAMI BEACH  GAVIN BROWN'S ENTERPRISE, NYC  Boo-Hooray and Gavin Brown’s enterprise are pleased to present a four-day exhibition of recent paintings by Little Annie aka Annie Anxiety, celebrating her recent book for Exitstencil Press.
 RELIGIOUS OBSERVANCE  BOO-HOORAY, LOS ANGELES  Religious Observance, a group photography show featuring: Jerry Hsu, Ray Potes, Andrea Sonnenberg, C.R. Stecyk III & Tobin Yelland - a collection of artists that are all connected through their fanatical love of photography.
 THE TEMPLETONS - BOOKS AND ZINES  MOCA, LOS ANGELES  We’ve gathered together 20+ years of Ed and Deanna Templeton's rare and obscure publications, some seen for the first time anywhere. Alongside making books, they have published numerous zines, these flowing micro-narratives are intense snapshots into the everyday of two working artists.
 CUT-UPS: WILLIAM S. BURROUGHS 1914 – 2014  BOO-HOORAY, NYC  The Cut-Ups began in October of 1959, when Brion Gysin sliced through a pile of newspapers with his Stanley knife, his intention had been to "cut mounts for his water colours" and the newspapers were there simply to protect his desktop. However, while observing the patterns created by the different layers of cut paper he decided to reshuffle them to compose a new narrative.
 LENNY KAYE'S SCIENCE FICTION FANZINES  NYABF/PS1 2014  Ranging from 1941 to 1970, these fanzines represent ground zero for the zine explosion that was to come years later in rock, punk, skate, fashion, and art. 
 NEW WIVES TALES - DRAWINGS BY STEF MITCHELL  BOO-HOORAY, NYC  "I was working for a photographer as his assistant and almost all the jobs we did were at Milk. I guess I was a pretty bad photo assistant as I was fired in December because of the drawings." – Stef Mitchell
 BOWLING EBAY DEATH  MUDDGUTS, NYC  Death is obviously ultimately beautiful as life is beautiful, but the ugly aspects of the biz of death and dying is taken care of by professionals who need to go bowling once in a while.
 DIY OR DIE!  MILK GALLERY, NYC  Boo-Hooray staged an exhibition of eyeball-pleasures and dazzlers from the DIY-music era of the 1970s and 1980s at Milk Gallery.
 UNSEEN 50 YEARS PAINTINGS BY BEN MOREA, 1964-65  BOO-HOORAY, NYC  Before Black Mask and UAW/MF, Ben Morea made incredible abstract paintings. Lost for 50 years, they were found under a bed in a loft, and were exhibited for the first time at Boo-Hooray.
 AFRIKA BAMBAATAA, BUDDY ESQUIRE, CHARLIE AHEARN'S WILD STYLE AND JOE CONZO  GAVIN BROWN'S ENTERPRISE, NYC  Exhibited by Boo-Hooray at Gavin Brown's enterprise, the materials in this exhibition highlight the narratives and archives of Afrika Bambaataa, the late master of hip hop design Buddy Esquire, Wild Style director Charlie Ahearn, and photographer Joe Conzo.
 THE BARDO MATRIX  THE GROLIER CLUB, NYC  The Bardo Matrix was a 1970s poetry press run out of Kathmandu by Ira Cohen and Angus MacLise. The publications were made of vegetable paper, with hand-sewn binding, and woodblock printed by local Nepalis.
 PIERO HELICZER & THE DEAD LANGUAGE PRESS  BOO-HOORAY, NYC  The Dead Language Press was founded by Piero Heliczer in the late 1950s. The editions were usually published in a shady fly-by-night manner that consistently realized paper objects of breathtaking beauty.
 CARL JOHAN DE GEER  MOCA, LOS ANGELES  At the 2014 Printed Matter LA Art Book Fair at MOCA, Boo-Hooray hosted an exhibit, curated by Johan Kugelberg and Ed Templeton, devoted to Swedish 60s underground artist and photographer Carl Johan De Geer.
 OPPOSITION: BLACK MASK, BEN MOREA, AND U.A.W.M.F  BOO-HOORAY, NYC  Largely unknown by choice, Ben Morea is the force behind the 1960s art/anarchist collectives U.A.W.M.F. and the International Werewolf Conspiracy, and the legendary anarchist zine/broadside Black Mask.
 IN ALL OUR DECADENCE PEOPLE DIE: CRASS‑ERA FANZINES 1976‑1984  MISHKA GALLERY, LOS ANGELES  These ultra-potent examples of grassroots activist thoughts and emotions are demonstrations of micro-historical everyday life, narratives of anti-autocratic discourse.
 WALLACE BERMAN’S SEMINA 1955‑1964  BOO-HOORAY, NYC  Semina bridges appropriation, fine printing, punk-style DIY and collage/montage, this already in the late 1950s! Michael McClure called it “a scrapbook of the spirit.”
 HOUSTON RAP  BOO-HOORAY, NYC  Boo-Hooray presented Houston Rap, photographs by Peter Beste, chronicling the everyday life of the Houston hip-hop community over nine years.
 THE DEATH CENTENARY OF BARON CORVO  BOO-HOORAY, NYC  On All Saints’ Day, 2013, Boo-Hooray staged an exhibition on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the death of Baron Corvo. This exhibit was the stateside version of the exhibit we staged in Venice, Italy on October 25th.
 THE DEATH CENTENARY OF BARON CORVO  VENICE, ITALY  Frederick William Serafino Austin Lewis Mary Rolfe, aka Baron Corvo, is in our mind the greatest eccentric and writer of the turn of the last century and one of the true societal terrors of decadent Europe.
 MONDO MANHATTAN  ANTHOLOGY FILM ARCHIVES, NYC  You ever hear of a band called Chain Gang? They’ve made a movie; it’s called MONDO MANHATTAN.
 ENJOY THE EXPERIENCE  POP MONTREAL  Enjoy The Experience is a snapshot of America in the second half of the 20th century, telling the stories of brave souls who took the plunge and committed their musical vision to wax.
 PUNK MAGAZINE MUTANT MONSTER BEACH PARTY  BOO-HOORAY, NYC  “Mutant Monster Beach Party” is fumetti starring the ace faces of the CBGB/Max’s punk scene in a cinematic narrative that is equal doses ridiculous and sublime.
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