Brad Pitt’s Dog

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Brad Pitt’s Dog
by Johan Kugelberg

The book isn’t about Brad Pitt, or about dogs, or about Brad Pitt’s Dog. The title refers to what happens to you if you are told that the dog that you see making number one or number two on the sidewalk belongs to Brad Pitt. What’s then being made by Brad Pitt’s dog is number three.
– Johan Kugelberg

I laughed out loud five times.
– Bob Stanley

Brad Pitt’s Dog is the first compilation of the writings of curator, publisher, and collector Johan Kugelberg. Over the past 2 decades, Kugelberg has established himself as an investigator and champion of underground culture, editing books such as True Norwegian Black Metal, The Velvet Underground – New York Art, Born in the Bronx and Beauty is in the Street. In Brad Pitt’s Dog, Kugelberg showcases his irreverent, entertaining prose, pulling from his contributions to magazines such as Vice, Dazed and Confused, Another Man and others. Exploring topics ranging from the psychogeography of record fairs, eulogies for Michael Jackson and Malcolm McLaren, a discussion of satire on Youtube, and essays on artists Dash Snow and Daido Moriyama, Kugelberg’s writing fills a special niche; an authority in the history of counter-culture who isn’t afraid to look to or speak to the present moment.

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