FLYING SAUCERS ARE REAL!  by   Anthology Editions    A catalogue of the Jack Womack UFO library and a history of one of the 20th century’s most pervasive subcultures. The collection presents an unknown wealth of images taken from mid-century flying saucer books and extensive text by the author-collector outlining the history of the UFO phenomenon and opining on the selections. This edition also features an introduction by science fiction author William Gibson.
 THEY SHOULD NEVER TOUCH THE GROUND  Published by Deadbeat Club, Deanna Templeton's  They Should Never Touch The Ground  premiered at Printed Matter's 2015 LA Art Book Fair at MOCA. 
 MONTEZLAND  MONTEZLAND presents an expanded portrait of the legendary pre-Stonewall drag performer Mario Montez (1935-2013). Showcasing ephemera, photographs, documents, costumes, and film, the exhibition explores Montez’s role in and influence on the New York underground during the 1960s and 70s.
 HER PERFUME TEARS  Boo-Hooray and EXILE Books published a limited edition book of photographs, artworks, poems, lyrics, notes and ephemera from Lizzi Bougatsos.
  SOUNDS OF TWO EYES OPENING  PHOTOGRAPHS BY SPOT  In Sinecure Books' newest release, Spot — the legendary hardcore producer and master photographer — captures a uniquely Californian moment in time, from the burgeoning punk scene, to the beach, surf, and skate cultures of the 0s, 70s, and 80s.
 LENNY KAYE'S SCIENCE FICTION FANZINES 1941-1970  These fanzines are about science-fiction subculture, sometimes serious, sometimes crazy, and sometimes serious and crazy. The visionary amateur cover art is outside of the realm of anything we've ever seen.
 NEW WIVES TALES  Boo-Hooray and Milk staged a one-day-only exhibition of the drawings, and published a limited edition artists book signed and numbered, each containing one of the 114 original drawings.
 RENEGADES OF RHYTHM  This exhibition celebrates several of hip hop's pioneers. Afrika Bambaataa: the architect of the music, Buddy Esquire: the premier flyer artist and inventor of the genre's visual aesthetic, Charlie Ahearn: the director of Wild Style, and Joe Conzo: the photographer who documented the earliest days of the Bronx art form, before its mass popularity. 
 DE GEER  The MOCA exhibition catalog De Geer has silkscreen covers and presents an 80 page overview of De Geer's striking black and white photography.
 DE GEER DELUXE  This deluxe edition of 200 comes with a signed vintage 4x6 photographic print. The MOCA exhibition catalog De Geer has silkscreen covers and presents an 80 page overview of De Geer's striking black and white photography.
 BARDO MATRIX: A BIBLIOGRAPHY  Our bibliography of Bardo Matrix Press publications with a print an an original Bardo Matrix publication, in a hand-stamped string-tie envelope.
 THE PHANTOM IN SKANÖR  A signed, hand-titled and numbered lithograph in an edition of 23 copies.
 ALPHA & OMEGA  A hand-stamped lavender envelope containing Baron Corvo's first and last published work, along with essays by Johan Kugelberg and Michael P. Daley, and reprinting by Cecil Woolf and Timothy d'Arch Smith's 1960 exhibition catalog. Issued in an edition of 100 copies.
 PUNK GRAFFITI CONTEST NO. 17: SHAUN CASSIDY  A zine collecting the submissions to the second Punk Magazine Graffiti Contest, announced in Punk #17 in 1979. Limited to 125 copies. Signed, numbered, and with an original sketch by John Holmstrom.
 NOT THEM/NOT US 7" RECORD  This 7" vinyl record is a recording of 2 poems read by Crass co-founder Penny Rimbaud, accompanied by former Laughing Clowns-member Louise Elliott on saxophone.
 ED WOOD'S SLEAZE PAPERBACKS SUITE OF PRINTS  Letterpress portfolio containing 4 risograph-printed images from Ed Wood publications. Edition of 113 copies.
 SITUATIONIST TIMES SILKSCREEN POSTER  A silkscreen poster of the Situationist Times cover design.
 DREAMWEAPON III VINYL LP  The third volume of our Angus MacLise music series. Dreamweapon III features MacLise playing aside Tony Conrad. Tracks were recorded ca. 1968-1969. 
  CHRISTMAS ON EARTH  EXHIBIT PRINTS  Unique mounted C-prints of still images from Barbara Rubin's 1963 underground film,  Christmas on Earth.
 ED WOOD'S SLEAZE PAPERBACKS DELUXE EDITION  A deluxe edition of 250 copies of the illustrated bibliography that comes in a silkscreened slipcase and accompanied by a pink-fluffed 7" vinyl record. After his famously bad films, Ed Wood went on to to write pornagraphic paperbooks. This is an illustrated bibliography of Wood's sleaze. 
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