OBSERVER    SEX PISTOLS ARCHIVIST JOHAN KUGELBERG ON 'PUNK ROCK JABRONI' JOE CORÉ   “Joe decided to burn his stuff, so he decided to diminish the knowledge of the narrative that he’s a part of.”
  HERO    FILTH AND THE FURY    "He’s carved DIY values into stone-faced business and kept counterculture clockwise – with countless contributions to art and music. "            
  ART IS ALIVE     " I approach all my books as a fan and a historian. It is usually intertwined. I think enthusiasm is a truly potent fuel. "
  NEW YORK TIMES    NEW YORK TODAY: THE HOME OF HIP-HOP    According to Johan Kugelberg, a hip-hop historian the genre "started as a grass-roots groundswell based on necessity" in the late 1960's and early 1970's.     
  PADDLE 8    CURATOR'S TOUR: JOHAN KUGELBERG    "The founder of Boo-Hooray, and a veritable Indian Jones of collecting, on building some of the world's most important archives and collections of pop culture, music, and art. "    
  WIRED    THE AMAZING ZINES THAT KICKED OFF GEEK FANDOM    “The most surprising thing I noticed about the zines was how closely the format—editorials, letters, essays, reviews—paralleled the format of blogs.”
  GUERNICA MAGAZINE    THE PERFECT BEAT: CANONIZING AND CONTINUING DJ AFRIKA BAMBAATAA'S HIP-HOP LEGACY    "The wilder we was onstage, the wilder the crowd was and the more the different races started coming to see us. And it did its job, a little peace, unity, love, and having fun, and one nation under groove."
  I-D MAGAZINE    INTERVIEW WITH ED & DEANNA TEMPLETON ABOUT THEIR EXHIBITION THE TEMPLETONS: BOOKS & ZINES    "Legendary pro skateboarder and contemporary artist Ed Templeton and his wife Deanna talk zine history at the 2015 LA Art Book Fair."
  PURPLE DIARY    INTERVIEW WITH JOHAN KUGELBERG, CURATOR OF CUT UPS: WILLIAM S. BURROUGHS 1914-2014    "Boo-Hooray will be displaying the hand-edited typescript drafts of Cut-Up-influenced ephemera culled from Emory University's extensive archives. Owner, published and curator, Johan Kugelberg explains the show's conception."
  NOWNESS    CULTURE 100: JOHAN KUGELBERG    "Johan Kugelberg keeps countercultures alive with his exhibition space and publishing house Boo-Hooray. His latest book that was accompanied by an exhibition, The Tattooed Dragon Meets the Wolfman, is a collection of rock writer-turned-Patti Smith Group guitarist Lenny Kaye’s science-fiction fanzines."
  COMPLEX    BORN IN THE BRONX AT CORNELL    "Born in the Bronx: A Visual Record of the Early Days of Hip-Hop features materials borrowed from Cornell University's Hip-Hop Collection, the world's largest archive of the genre with over 200,000 flyers, posters, art, records, photographs, and other materials."
  PITCHFORK    ENJOY THE EXPERIENCE    "A conversation with editor Johan Kugelberg, whose new coffee-table book features more than a thousand weird and wonderful homemade album covers."
  NEW YORK TIMES    ARTIST, MUSICIAN, ZELIG    "He was one of those odd human link documents who link different eras."
  THE BROOKLYN RAIL    BARBARA RUBIN: CHRISTMAS ON EARTH    "The mad, sprawling scripts are perhaps a testament to the era's Beat influence and amphetamine-rattled self-indulgence. They are thoroughly engrossing."
  VICE    IN ALL OUR DECADENCE PEOPLE DIE: A COLLECTION OF CRASS FANZINES    "I think it'd be quite inspiring for a lot of young people to know that you don't have to buy the latest machine to do something[...] you can tear out bits of paper, you can spray, you can stencil, you can do whatever."
  LAURA    JOHAN KUGELBERG    "Johan Kugelberg is a dream. After working as a record executive for Matador Records & Def American in the 1990s, he has devoted himself to all things counter-culture as a writer, collector, historian, publisher, editor, and curator."
  DAZED & CONFUSED    BRAD PITT'S DOG IN BOOKS    "Johan Kugelberg's latest collects ten years worth of wry, astute observations and scathing theological analysis on the stage of contemporary culture."
  VICE    LONG LIVE THE LARGE FAMILY: CARL JOHAN DE GEER'S SNAPS OF THE SWEDISH UNDERGROUND 1964-1980    "Carl Johan De Geer's impressive, encompassing photographic archive of the life curve of outsider life in a small, privileged nation almost half a century ago is superb, instinctive and created completely without labour or pretense."
  ROLLING STONE    DIY HEROES TIME FORGOT    "Experience focuses on glorious pre-InDesign album covers of lounge duos, shirtless troubadours and the disturbing meme of identically dressed sibling bands."
  GQ    HE'S NOT LIKE EVERYBODY ELSE    "Punk was about acceleration, dealing with information overload."
  BRUTUS    THE COLLECTORS 2014: JOHAN KUGELBERG    "Japan's Pop Culture Magazine, Brutus, features Johan Kugelberg and Cornell University's Hip-Hop Collection."
  EYESCREAM (EXCERPT)    LARRY CLARK STUFF, TOKYO    "Japan's Lifestyle Magazine, Eyescream, features Larry Clark Stuff exhibition."
  WARP (EXCERPT)    LARRY CLARK STUFF @ UNITED ARROWS    "Warp Magazine features Larry Clark Stuff exhibition."
  THE VILLAGE VOICE (EXCERPT)    THE SUCKADELIC ERA    "The Sucklord's credit card says 'Suckadelic." His trading-card sets are "Suckpax." The West Village woman who gave him life introduces herself as 'the Suckmom.'"
  DAZED    ANGUS MACLISE'S DREAMWEAPON    "Ahead of the opening and online launch Kugelberg and Cameron explain why the work of MacLise is 'overdue for a retrospective' and tell the story of the journey of this incredible relic."
   THE VERGE      THE FIGHT TO SAVE ENDANGERED EBOOKS: LIBRARIES TAKE ON THE TRICKY QUESTION OF DIGITAL PRESERVATION      "But while paper books might be harder to distribute, they have one huge advantage over ebooks: as long as an archivist or collector can keep them from falling apart, they'll be as readable in a century as they will in a year."
  OBSESSION    L'ART DES IMAGES SECRÈTES    "Il est mort à 50ans, en 1976, mais sa présence diffuse est si forte encore que le Californien Wallace Berman semble tout à fait vivant."
  THE WIRE    ANGUS MACLISE ARCHIVE ACQUIRED BY COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY    "Columbia University's Rare Book and Manuscript Library has acquired a collection of Angus Maclise's work."
  POETRY FOUNDATION    BOO-HOORAY PUBLISHES SEMINA 1955-1964 ART IS LOVE IS GOD—YES!!    "This is groundbreaking news for the deep poetry freaks who have been fans of Wallace Berman's foundational poetry and art journal Semina..."
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